Book Cafe, Mannenberg Moving To New Premises

After OK Pensions Fund through its agent Old Mutual kicked the iconic Mannenberg and Book Cafe out of their current location at Fife Avenue it has emerged that Pamberi Trust will be running at least one of the brands somewhere else in the city by end of January or early February.

Our sources say negotiations are going well at the moment for the securing of a different place whose location has not been publicly disclosed.

This will come as a huge relief to the many people connected to the arts pioneering cultural hub.

As it stands the two places have to shut down at the end of the 2011. It is sad as the place had become a second to many and was the breeding ground for some of Harare’s musical icons. The fact that Old Mutual/OK has ignored the importance of the organisation is unfortunate.

We will give you more information as it becomes officially available.