Black Bird Moves To Quash Any Potential Beef

Zimbabwe’s premier Femcee Black Bird moved quickly to quash any potential between her and DJ Naida with a response in her note that clarified things that may have been taken completely out of context.

To my girl Deejay Naida i never said i inspired anyone to rap.. i said “people have told me i inspired other chicks to bring out a product…” I know u were rappin kudhara and apologies on behalf of those who think i might have helped relight ur flame… I aint ashamed to say u inspire me.. at one point last year i wanted to DJ coz as an MC i tend to have issues with DJs playin my set wrong. I even asked Trix for lessons but later changed my mind coz i decided to specialize keep my focus on rapping. When i released my album i went to Chiwoniso with a copy not coz she ever released a hip-hop album, but coz she inspired me in her own way by being the first female in this country to step into the boys ring and be known as a rapper. We need to start givin props to each other as women and as rappers in general… So props to u for doin ur thing… i aint tryna take away nada from u.. You do u… Me i am doin me and spans of chicks and guys have come to me and told me how much i inspire them so that makes my smile on the inside… I can’t wait for the time wen theres a whole bunch of female rap crews, female bgirls, female DJs, female producers etc. As women in the game we need to inspire each other.. you inspire me and Nebila inspires me, Black Heat inspires me… Flow Chyld inspires me …. the list goes on so its all love.
Like we said earlier we didn’t feel that Black Bird was taking any particular pot shots at Naida and that there wasn’t really much of a story here; storm in a tea-cup stuff.  This, Black Bird has just clarified the situation.
We hope that this puts the story to bed.