Big Brother Stargame: Maneta Survives The Odds

With virtually no support from back home Zimbabwe’s Maneta has survived eviction from Big Brother Stargame.

The poor Bulawayo girl had been the subject of a campaign back home to get her evicted but it seems many people in the rest of Africa didn’t see anything wrong with her. It seems as if perhaps the rest of Africa likes her that little bit of compassion for her and backed her in the reality show.

Maneta had been unfairly judged by a social media campaign that branded her as unpatriotic in spite of lot of evidence to the contrary. For example she did not nominate fellow Zimbabwean Roki eviction in spite of the fact that she didn’t fancy him much.

Mind you, if we ran the show and she kept her fiesty attitude we would keep her in for as long as possible.

Mampi – like we care who she is – got evicted. As for the nominations for next week…

We wonder if Roki and her will make up now.