Bev and Zoey Entertain Cops While In Custody

Prominent Zimbabwean pole dancers Bev and Zoey danced for cops all night while in custody on Wednesday last week.

Bev says the two were treated very well and the police who were on night duty during their detention kept asking them for defence and treated them like friends. Bev also claimed that the cops begged them every 30 minutes.

Now, if you are one of the cops can you be blamed? One would call those perks of the job really. The only way their superiors would be punishing them would be because they were jealous.

As for Bev and Zoey, they entertained the cops so as to make their night at palatial residence that is Central police station as comfortable as possible.

The pair were arrested last week and questioned about their dance routines. They produced licenses from the Censorship Board and were released the next day.

With information from the The Daily News (Zimbabwe)

  • charles tmj dube