Pole Dancers Bev, Zoey Could Get Arrested

A top cop has warned pole dancers that they could get arrested for the way they perform and how they dress under a public indecency law.

In what would be a hugely unpopu;ar move, Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka issued a stern warning to female dancers who are in the habit of stripping and dancing in semi-nude state.

Dancing is not bad if they dance with their clothes on but when they remove their clothes and become semi naked in full view of the public, then it becomes an offence. That is not acceptable and if they continue doing that they will be arrested and be charged with public indecency. Besides, that is against our moral values as a nation.

Zoey seems unfazed saying that she has a license from the Censorship Board which gives a stamp of approval on her routine. Bev also stated that she did not strip when she was on stage.

We say let the girls earn their living. As long as they are doing it in clubs at night away from kids the n we think it is not that big a deal.

Besides, do you really want to piss off a bunch of a thirsty fellas over something that most of the world doesn’t even see?

  • lurker133

    I would like to see the documentation of our so called “moral values as a nation.” I wish to cast my vote on this…

    • What would you say?

      • lurker133

        I would say we need to lighten up as a nation and consider what exactly do we suppose we are preventing by prohibiting sexy dancing (and even porn – yeah I said it) Our adultery, prostitution and rape figures are already shockingly high for a nation of our “moral values” enforced through censorship. Are girls like Bev and Zoey really threatening our moral fiber? Really?

        • That is giving them way too much power

          • lurker133

            Huh? Who would be getting way too much power? Maybe I wasn’t clear in stating I stand against all this “moral” / sexual censorship. We;ve known nothing but censorship and that’s done nothing to curb the sick pervo offenders and maybe freedom of expression will give people healthier ideas. I stand behind Bev and Zoey where the view is all good :3

          • We stand behind their rights as long as they don’t do it in the general public where kids could see it

  • tafmak3000

    I think the Officer has a very valid argument! Even adults need to be protected sometimes because they often act as gullible as kids! Look at how the “passa passa” craze has turned adults into sex crazed exhibitionist maniacs!

    • So you would rather the practice went deeper underground and became dark and evil