Bev Releases Raunchy Video Of Her Dancing Behind Bars [LINK INSIDE]

Zimbabwean pole dancer Bev has released a raunchy video of her dancing behind bars.

The saucy video sees her being put behind bars and showing some of her moves to the sound of Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock.

Men start coming to watch her dance and keep getting removed by a policeman. The video meanwhile advertises Pacific cigarettes throughout.

The video ends with her being released from jail, obviously a gimmick based on her being arrested earlier this month along with fellow dancer Zoey.

Check out the video below

If you can’t view the video from this site, click here to check it out on Youtube

  • Bev ndaashevhe hapwa !!

  • tamisa

    Thats a pacific ad straight up, and it aint even subtle advertising. She’s done delta, moved on to Pacific

  • Pacific has no shame in such an Ad LOL

  • wow!!! i am speechless…

  • Hwiza

    Lol I see the Internet has adjusted our social paradigms as a nation.. Muzim mavane ma strippers? Haha u seen it all

    • Well she doesn’t actually strippers but we are sure if you waved the right number of dollars for her to strip in private she would oblige you

  • Guest

    Quite innovative but primitive camera work there..

  • number1fan

    LOL is Bev related to Vanessa Sibanda…..coz they have similar moves and mannerisms and I bet if you put Bev in an expensive weave and make up they would alike

    • Lol in what ways?

      • number1fan

        youtube Vanessa music videos for comparison ….its a certain non sophisticated trying too hard to be sexy movement….ofcos Bev takes it to the extreme level. Vanessa is just lucky she is so pretty so she is forgiven lol.

        • number1fan

          watch the hey lover video….Vanessa gyrates on a bed in her lingerie much like Bev but cleaner LOL

        • Well they are different target markets