Bev Punches Fan, Show Abandoned

Raunchy pole dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda punched a fan at a show in Gwanda last week and the show was abandoned.

Apparently what irked our Bev was some disrespectful fan pouring beer on her rear-end.

How it all started. Bev was doing a routine in which she came on dressed as a prophet, dancing to an apostolic song and sprinkling water on fans. You can see how kinky that can get. But we digress.

So our errant fan not seeing the sophistication of the dance decided that he was going to return the favour. Then it was punches and kicks at the Insomnia Bar and Grill. Some revelers- sounds like the sort of things ZBC would say doesn’t it? –  wanted to give her a bit of a hiding but she ran away to her car.

Seems our Bev is getting a bit violent. She slapped a man in Gwanda – oh those folks – for fondling her, beat a man who mocked her from stage and at the Sulumani Chimbetu album launch fought with a woman who wasn’t very complimentary.

Woosa Bev… Wooosa Wooosa…

With information from Bulawayo 24 News

  • Jack dee

    I rest my case…..!
    … may be then , just Mayb , that Police Commanding Officer was right after all when he said some things in reference to Bev , now given the various seemingly nefarious references to past incidences, unknown to me & most of us then , I’m now obliged to agree with the CO, Bulawayo!
    I stand corrected..! Now that more facts are in the open….

  • Mr_popular

    These people aren’t serious with the way they handle themselves, you are supposed to have a bouncer near the stage to prevent these type of occurrences because let’s face it this type of entertainment is making leeway into our country and not going anywhere so why not just make it start off with a proper tone, so that nobody can have nasty resentments or any bad vibes about it.