Of Bev, Delta And That ‘Bottle’ Routine

So Delta Beverages decided they didn’t like the bottle act from popular dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda and they want her to stop it.

Yes, these guys bothered to talk about what Bev does with their bottles.

We see some people scratching their heads trying to figure out what the bottle act is. See, what Bev does is that she, with panties on and stuff finds a way to insert part of a quart of the brown bottle into her vagina on stage while dancing. Yes, she does that.

She even claims, according The Standard that some of her clients drink from the bottles after she uses them. In a way I guess it is a form of cunnilingus for them. Yes, that happens.

Now, why Delta is even bothering with this topic and saying that it is a defilement of their bottles beyond us. It is not as if she is altering the bottle in any way shape or form. Yes, it is sexual and it is a bit graphic but come on. Is it really worth going to town about?

You know when a PR guy is stuck in the dark ages when they use words like ‘urge’ and ‘desist’ in their communique.

Yes, her act upsets those with old-world values and their fellow hypocrites but when you come to think of it, you have to say it is all a bit silly. Delta is too big a company to worry about what poor little Bev is doing in seedy joints. If they are going to take that stance on what she is doing with their bottles, what next? Are they going to ban their bottles being found in places like Tiperrary or Holly’s because they do not like the reputation that comes with them?

Maybe the suits at Delta have run out of things to do.

Meanwhile we are sure that this attack by Delta will make her act even more popular.

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