In The Beginning There Was ABRA. Now There Is RIZE!

Abra Simzz

The A.B.R.A. tribe is now an established entity in Africa’s entertainment map.

ABRA honcho Simzz just whispered in my proverbial ear that the next project is RIZE (Revolutionary Independent Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs). The idea came to him after the production of the monster hit Rise Up Zimbabwe by the ABRA tribe for Red Rat.

The plan is  to ‘bridge the gap between entertainment and the conventional academic industry that both young and older generation Zimbabweans in the diaspora and in Zimbabwe are decorated with.’ What is strongly embedded in the idea is bringing positive light on Zimbabwe.

Speaking from his base in Bangladesh he added:

RIZE will help flourish skeleton ideas from young minds fusing them with the expertise of our elders and fleshing them with the experience of those exposed in the diaspora turning them into sustainable recognised development projects or successful businesses.

Zimbabwe has always found it difficult to link great ideas to business and this is a welcome development. Given an education system that rarely prepares for the real world, this will mean that a good idea can see the light of day through this initiative.

RIZE up Zimbabwe… Couldn’t resist the temptation.