HIP HOP BEEF: Alka Nemo Disses Junior Brown

Looks like entertainer Alka Nemo and rapper Junior Brown aren’t friends anymore. And Alka Nemo has taken to his Facebook to diss his former friend.

From what we have gathered, it seems that the beef started over sponsorship that both were receiving from the same source. Our source tells us that Alka was the originally the main beneficiary of the bankrolling before Junior Brown came along. The sponsor started giving  Breezy more attention and that is when proper beef started.

This is the verse that Alka put on his wall.

Junior Brown is a snitch n a fag… Big T is lil dick fatboy informer… These niggaz wan war i stand ready 2 answer the call / do em like nikoli n his wife shootem up against the wall / like many b4 em i will make em fall / disappear like makaveli only 2 comeback n killem all / i own the streets n i’m str8 puttin word out / my 4th yard killaz is ready 2 take em both out / my gyangsta momiez is achin 2 spike they drinks on a nyt out / rat poison in they food when they go for take out // i know where u live at that makes it easy / killin em off softly 1st victim breezy / fatboy gonna run till his chest is weezy / shittin in his pants off my bluetooth squeezy // its on muthafuckaz get ready i’m comin!!!

We will keep you updated on how this is going to pan out. Whatever happens, we hop they keep it strictly on the mic, although from what we heard, it’s been happening in the streets.

Beef is in the house.

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