BBA Eviction Parties: Battle Of The Radio Stations

Book Cafe in Harare has been hosting the Big Brother Africa eviction parties over the past three weeks.

Each has been individually hosted by the three main radio stations, Star FM, ZiFM and ZBC’s Power FM. What they have shown much of is individual station identity as well as how it  talks to its audience.

Big Brother Africa The Chase eviction parties are a riot at Harare's Book Cafe

Big Brother Africa The Chase eviction parties are a riot at Harare’s Book Cafe

The first one was held by Star FM and it was, well, just about OK. The crowd was moderate but it didn’t seem as if the personalities from the station were remotely interested in being there. In fact most of them didn’t pitch up. There were a few prizes given out and the entertainment was underwhelming. It felt as if it lacked a deliberate feel to it. We will give them a pass because they started the ball rolling and had less time than the rest to prepare. Still, with that listenership, they could have done a lot better.

The ZiFM party rolled in for the second week and went all-out. Perhaps this was partly due to the fact Munyaradzi Hakeem Mandaza was up for eviction but there were three other critical elements. Zi put in a shift in creating a buzz throughout the leading up to party. On the day they dressed the place red, rolled out former BBA contestants Munya Chidzonga, Teclar Mazanhi, station presenters and even Supa Mandiwanzira was there; had performances from MMT, Audius, Ba Shupi, Stunner, Cindy among others; had gimmicks, one in which they pretended to have a diary room session; and their programme felt a lot more deliberate. Then there was the Judgement Yard factor. Yes, that is a huge factor on its own. Oh, add Jason Le Roux too.

When the Power  FM party came around, Pokello Nare was up for eviction and there was a buzz about town. When we arrived, it was a bit slow. Disappointingly, unlike the other stations there was almost no signage showing that this was a Power FM party. Visually, they didn’t own the party. Trevor Dongo, Stunner and Ba Shupi performed. They did give out the biggest prizes though. Then there was the Legendary Sounds factor. However the programme felt like it was being made up as they went along. The party was a riot though.

After the first round, by a kitten’s whisker we will say ZiFM threw the best party of the lot. They just seemed to make more of an effort prior to the show and during the show. They did feel like they had worked on a lot more detail. Judging Star FM at this stage might seem harsh but the fact that their stars didn’t pitch was a disappointment. If their main drawcards couldn’t be bothered to push the party then, ah well.

That said, we wonder who they will bring to the party to rival Judgement Yard and Legendary Sounds. Two of their biggest names  –  Tich Mataz and DJ Munya – are unavailable  so they will hope that their own push will come up with something interesting. Mind you, their Big Chill parties are a blast so they are capable of attracting a crowd and putting on a rave.

As for Power FM, that signage needs to be worked on. Otherwise, they simply don’t own party.

Round 2 begins this coming week wit Star FM  back to show us what they can do. What will the stations have in store for us?


Did you attend all the parties? Which was your favourite and why?

  • Joy

    Rather come for the Zi coz it’s da boom!!! Attended all 3 and Zi showed not just class but they r well organised, have the glamour and know how to brand themselves to continue growing a following….Book Café and Multichoice are actually providing these radio channnels with a platform to market themselves and the management should be serious about these BBA eviction celebrations…emulate ZIfm…iri zec power fm better kuregera coz murikumakisa