Bank Error Forces Postponement Of HHP Show

A clerical error by a bank in Zimbabwe has forced the postponement of the debut show by South African hip hop star Hip Hop Pantsula. HHP was billed to perform at the Red Fox in Harare.

Documents in our possession show that the organisers, Red Fox sent money to HHP on the third of May via Standard Chartered Bank. The bank then made an error when they entered HHP’s bank details. After 6 days with the money still not reflecting on the South African end, the organisers confronted the bank and that is when the error was noted. The bank then assured them that the error would be sorted out and the money would be processed.

By earlier this week nothing had happened and we are informed that the bank even said that it had no idea where the money was.

Last night, the organisers posted this on their Facebook page

It is with regret that we announce the postponement of the much-awaited HHP show. The reasons are beyond Red Fox Zimbabwe and HHP’s control. Details will follow soon. In light of this development, the Mic Inity Fire Friday show will be onFriday as per usual with Slick Saturday on Saturday as usual. We regret any inconvenience caused and assure you that we value your patronage. As this matter is now a matter we have taken up with our legal practitioners, we will keep you appraised. Please bear with us as we have to leave event posted as the information contained there in is pertinent to our legal representatives. HHP remains committed to staging a his first ever show in Zimbabwe and we will let you know of the new date shortly

Speaking to us, the organisers were keen to stress that the postponement was not as a result of them or HHP.

While we know there are problems in the country when it comes to systems, 15 days and the money has not gone through is not a good look.