Bachelors For Sale

26 November sees The Art Of Being Humane holding a Bachelor Auction, the first of its kind by the organisation in Zimbabwe. It will be held at Platinum Lifestyle Estate from 6pm.

The organisers intend to raise money for charity from proceeds. Controversial as it may sound, the use of this medium is something of a phenomenon across the world with many a single and empowered woman making bids for an eligible bachelor. Of course just because a woman buys a mufesi it doesn’t mean she gets to keep him. They get one date, and if that evolves into something else, very well and good. If not then everybody moves on.

It is all fun and games as long as everyone plays by the rules. And the rules have supplied to us as follows:

  1.  THE BACHELORS – The men who volunteer MUST be currently unattached
    Definition of unattached: 1. Not married (legally or traditionally), 2. Not engaged (or deciding on whether or not to be engaged to their current spouse), 3. Not separated from wife (if you do not have a decree absolute you are still married!), 4. No live in partner situation – – THIS IS TO AVOID ANGRY WOMEN STORMING INTO THE EVENT AND DRAGGING SAID BACHLEOR OUT EMBARRASING EVERYONE! 🙂
  2.  THE LADIES WHO BID –  The LADIES who BID MUST be currently unattached also – SO NO BIG STRONG MEN STORM IN AND BEAT UP OUR INNOCENT BACHELORS!! – – (See Definition of unattached ABOVE 🙂
  3. WHAT YOU ARE BIDDING FOR (THIS IS IMPORTANT): One lunch or dinner date with said bachelor at a restaurant [ Vouchers will be provided to cover the cost so no need to argue about who will pay the bill boys! Lol!)

PLEASE NOTE:::: Winning a bid DOES NOT ENTITLE EITHER PARTY TO MARRY THE OTHER AND HAVE MANY CHILDREN AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! This event purely provides a platform for an introduction and one date in support of the charitable causes that The Art of Being Humane supports. Please DO NOT develop a staler mentality post said date if there are no mutual feelings, this will only embarass EVERYONE!.

You can pick up your ticket from The Zimbo Jam Offices 336 Herbert Chitepo Ave or call 0773535588. Limited seating so, ladies, go and get yourself a man! It’s for a cause.