UPDATE: Baba Jukwa Twitter Account Reinstated

The twitter account belonging to the character Baba Jukwa was back on Friday morning after being suspended on Thursday afternoon.

At this point we are not sure why it was suspended.

This is Twitter’s policy on suspension of accounts as spelt out here

Accounts are generally suspended for violations of the Twitter Rules. We also may suspend accounts for investigation if we suspect an account has been hacked or compromised.

In amongst the rules there are all types of violations such as impersonation, unlawful use, trademark, copyright, spam, abuse etc.

The Twitter account has about 500 followers.

There is currently social media soap opera going on which all began with an Amai Jukwa, then Baba Jukwa and now there are all sorts of offshoots including one who calls herself Baba Jukwa’s mistress. They call claim to be linked to ZANU-pf.

ZANU-pf itself recently joined twitter and Facebook.

  • tweeted twice? what ever the account tweeted must be worth a $11,000!!!

    now if only they would track comrade cynic….