Ba Shupi UK Tour In Pictures

So urban grooves or kinda afro-pop star Ba Shupi was on a tour to the UK along with rapper Stunner over the festive season.

He had shows in Brimingham, Leeds, London, Coventry and Glasgow.

While he was there he took time out to record a music video for his song Simudzai which featured members of the crowd. Among them were Scottish, Nigerian, Kenyan and few other nationalities according to his management.

Check out images from his tour. Also includes images from the video recording.

Ba shupi cover

ba shupi live6

Simudza music v sharks

Simudza music v shoot

Simudza music video 10

simudza video night

simudza video sean

Did you watch Ba Shupi during is tour in the UK? What was he like? Share your thoughts.