AWA reached out to Takura for collaboration and…

So, while all the attention was focused on the Olinda/Stunner drama, Ndebele female wordsmith AWA Khiwe approached Takura for collaborations.

AWA in the middle

The self-proclaimed  Sangoma rapper expressed her desireto work with the  Zino Irema hitmaker in a tweet.

@takuralife I wanna work with you.

This  came after the Wenkomo Zami rapper remarked, “#ZinoIrema daimn nice ” to Takura’s breakout hit.
Takura, with the same token,  also showed interest in working with the award-winning rapper.

@AWA_khiwe: Thank you rap queen..definitely we should.

So, brace yourselves up because you might be getting any Takura and AWA project anytime this year.We have a feeling that it’s going to be incredible. or ‘daimn nice’