AUDIO: We’re pretty excited about our plans for 2017 – Unplugged Zimbabwe’s Chiedza and Ellinah

We caught up with Ellinah Chipumha and Chiedza Danha, the two ladies behind the hugely successful Unplugged Zimbabwe project out of Harare. They tell us about their 2017 plans which include going to Bulawayo, the growth of the concept among other things.

Unplugged Zimbabwes Ellinah Chipumha and Chiedza Danha

Unplugged Zimbabwe’s Ellinah Chipumha and Chiedza Danha

The conversation took on the side of the first Unplugged Zimbabwe event of 2017


On Bulawayo debut this year

Definitely we are really really looking forward to get on that market in Bulawayo

On whether there will be acts from Harare at the Bulawayo event:

The thing about going into a new city, it’s not about exporting what they have there. We want to here to hear what they have… We will probably have one act from here (Harare) and three or four acts from there.

On what they feel about 2017:

We’re nervous but we are excited. We have so many different plans… We’re going to have small intimate events, about 150 people with two artists.

ON whether there will ever be ever be VIP at Unplugged:

Everyone is VIP at Unplugged.

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