AUDIO: Plaxedes Wenyika tells us what she has been up to away from the music

Plaxedes Wenyika made a dramatic return to the music space a few weeks ago when she released a new single, Now I Know. (read our review here)

On the side of the launch of the single which she says is the first song leading up to an album to be launched in September the beaming evergreen RnB star told us what she had been up to since she took a break from music.

And it is simple actually:

I wish there was some big explanation to give but not really. [I was] exploring life and getting to explore other elements of who I am. And now that i am fulfilled there and am currently in this good space, that’s what you get. The new Plaxedes doing the old stuff.

Plaxedes also talks about what has changed since she has been away and what people should expect.

Listen to the interview in full below:

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