AUDIO: Our chat with Zimbabwe’s newest leading man Jose Marques

We were all introduced to Zimbabwe’s new leading man Jose Marques in Thinking Films’s Escape movie in 2016.

Jose Marques PIC: Twitter

We had a chat with the actor the day that filming of Escape agnieswas wrapped and also in the interview was Thinking Films’s Agnieszka Piotrowska who describes Marques as a beautiful human being.

He tells us about he landed the role through fashion designer, Alice Knuth, how the the story was like art imitating life given his own background and the hardest scene:

The hospital scene because my mother passed away eight months [before then] to lupus so it was very difficult scene because it brought back a lot of memories for me. Even holding onto the lines was tough.

About working with Joe Njagu and Piotrowska:

Amazing. Agnieska and Joe were just so supporting. It is so amazing especially never having been in this industry it was a crush course and they guided me through it.

The opening of the movie made history after filling up two houses at Ster Kinekor Sam Levy’s Village and a lucrative distribution deal with Zimpapers.

Listen to the interview below:

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