AUDIO: Mussa Effect on how church moulded his music

We caught up with Zimbabwean singer-songwriter Mussa Effect recently when he launched theĀ Turn Me Up single.

Mussa Effect PIC: Facebook

Our quick chat touched on what influenced the Harare-based rising star’s music:

My dad’s a pastor. I went to a missionary school, Sandringham High School. I was there for like four years and that is where I learnt how to sing. So everything just built up from there. When i left school and got into the world I met people in the industry, they just moulded what was made there. So yes, it is from a Christian background.

On writing what may be termed secular music Mussa Effect:

I feel it is all about what you believe in as a human being and how honest you are with yourself. Are you the type of christian who can handle doing other things?

Mussa Effect says the single came from his need to show more of himself breaking out of the background artist he had become.

He also talks about his work with the band in this quick 5 minute interview.

Listen to it in full below:

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