LISTEN: I regained my passion for music – Begottensun on his return to production

A few months ago we caught up with award-winning producer Kuda ‘Begottensun’ Musasiwa and he tells us why he made a return to music with KYN Records.

Kuda Musasiwa aka Begottensun PIC: Twitter

This was with the release of EPs from Adrian Tate and Tytan as well as the videos to follow.

In the 15 minute interview he talks about:

  • how the latent of young artists compelled him
  • what he thinks he brings to the table with them
  • the opportunities that exist for young artists especially with the diaspora component
  • when he plans to retire
  • his relationship with Karizma
  • and more

Listen to the exclusive interview on #3mobRadio in full below – it is part of a series of interviews that were recovered from a bust hard drive:

Click here if it won’t play

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