AUDIO: Evicted talk about their latest single, Ndoita Sei

Zimbabwean Afro-rock band Evicted are set for a performance at this year’s Music Festival but a few weeks ago dropped a single called Ndoita Sei.


It is a song we featured HERE two years ago but this was before South African based producer Andrew Baird had put his touch to it. had a chat with band members, Derek Bailey, Dominic Benson, Justin Soutter and Theo Rohde in an interview in which they told us:

Basically it was a trial when we launched first to see if they like our sound. And people really liked it. So we decided to carry on with the project.

This is the best we have ever sounded.

They also said Baird really enjoyed working on it.

Ndoita Sei is out and available on iTunes and we will be reviewing the music video in a few days from now.

And they have new singles coming up too.

Listen to the interview in full below:

Click here if it won’t play.