AUDIO: Crazy Interview With Chikwata 263 At Their Album Launch

We caught up with Zimbabwean Mbira punk band Chikwata 263 recently after the launch of their debut album Chauya at The Book Cafe in Hararee.

Chikwata 263

Chikwata 263

They have cultivated a reputation for being rather ungovernable, well that is the nature of punk isn’t it? Well we caught up with most of the members of the band, ie Tom,Hector and Bled. Ray who plays bass had left. Also in the interview was album producer,  Humphrey and guest saxophonist Tinashe Mukarati.

The interview is wild and we first edited but it lost its soul like perfucntory sex.

Click here if it it won’t play.

  • Ingo*Starr

    What the fuck were these kids on??