AUDIO: Ammara Brown talks being part of Mix The City Harare and why she did it

So Mix The City Harare was launched in September and we had a chat with one of the artist on the project Ammara Brown.

Ammara Brown PIC: TV

Ammara Brown PIC: TV

This is the first in a couple of interviews around the project. The interviews were held on the side of the event at the British Council in Harare.

Ammara in this interview says:

As Zimbabweans our face is blurry and this project is one of those things that helps put the face of Zimbabwe into focus and gives you an idea of what to expect when you come to the country. It’s a taste of what you can get, what you can create and what you can connect with.

Ammara who has a debut album Ammartia set for launch next month, says she gets over 100 requests for collaboration a week and on this project being the first in Africa she felt honoured, hoping she would ope the door for others.

Meanwhile check out Mix The City Harare here

Listen to the exclusive 3mobradio interview in full below:

Click here if it won’t play.

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