AUDIO: A chat with Don Dada, the Zim rapper whose mother met Bob Marley and named her son after him

We met up with South Africa-based Zimbabwean rapper Don Dada on his recent visit to Harare where we had a chat with him about his art, name, heritage and more.

Real name Menelik Nesta Gibbons he tells us the curious story around the famous middle name

My mom met Bob [Marley] when he came down here [Zimbabwe] in the 80s. We’re close with the Marley family and when they came to SA for the road trip they interviewed my mom and dad. When Bob Marley came in 1980 for independence, they had a nice chat and my mom decided, that’s your name, Nesta.

Don Dada talks about:

  • His battle rap background
  • The fact that he has never cut his hair and becoming the first kid in Zimbabwe and South Africa to go to school with full locks.
  • How Harare shaped his art “If it wasn’t for Harare I would never have gone into rap because when I moved to South Africa, they were on some other vibe”
  • How South Africa receives him rapping about a country that is not his own. “Everyone has shown me love he says”
  • His views on xenophobia in South Africa
  • What he hopes to achieve with his debut album¬†Avant Garde.¬†In essence the differences in art that Zimbabwe brings (I want them to realise Zimbabweans are fire!)
  • Zimbabweans he wants to collaborate with (Ammara Brown, Takura and Marcus Mafia)

Check out the interview in full below