As the Chideme drama escalates, here is what we are picking up from the latest video

Just when we thought that the drama at the Desmond and Olinda Chideme drama was done it is back. It has really escalated.

So as it stands, Olinda has gone on Facebook Live while fighting with her husband over an alleged affair. We hear Stunner in the background talking about how he doesn’t really want to be with a woman who is suicidal. Women in the background regularly plead with her to solve things off Facebook. Olinda insists Desmond should beg for forgiveness even if they end up breaking up.

In all of this we have picked  a few things

  • While Facebook Live is not the best place to go and try to resolve your relationship issue, Olinda is probably on it because she doesn’t feel anyone close by fully understands what she is going through. There is a disconnect between what she is being told and what she feels she knows. She needs the emotional and psychological support she feels she is not getting.
  • Zimbabweans are watching a woman break down and most are blaming instead of helping. Even sadder is the fact that people keep thinking this is a reality TV show and forgetting that those are planned and scripted with psychologists on hand to provide support.
  • Body-shaming levels are shocking among Zimbabweans. And sadly even the most prominent and supposedly progressive ones are guilty of it. The ridiculous fat shaming Olinda has been subjected to is scandalous. And then when you get women having a go as well, you’re gobsmacked.
  • We need support systems in our country. A lot of marriages are going through this sort of thing where couples are having to figure a lot of this out by themselves. And with societies evolving the power dynamics are changing, maybe the old traditions need some renewal. They are still important but they do need renewal.
  • Desmond needs to reassure her he is on her side. While we have no details on what is happening behind the scenes, she feels he is not there for her. In the video, friends and family are coming to the rescue but for her the only person who matters in this conversation is him. And she feels he is not understanding her.
  • Family still matters.

We hope the best for them because this is not a good space to be for anyone.

  • Edinah Masanga

    Very mature article. Thank you.

  • Mukoma Paddy

    The two are not meant for each other and should part ways period. Olinda has learnt the hard way that money cant buy love. She is way too fat for Stunner and judging from the supermarket trolley she was pushing, she is a gormerndiser and is unlikely to lose weight any time soon. Ndiyo type yaidiwa naMukadota.

  • Munyaradzi

    There are people with bigger problems but they dont go ‘live’ on Facebook. This woman just wants attention. I am sorry to be cold hearted but haana basa mukadzi uyu.

  • Minx

    Social media has apparently already the judge & jury in this case without anyone getting both sides of the story yet the truth will remain that noone really has information except what Olinda feeds on FB. I am undermining any form of abuse. It is not necessary for her to continue to addrest her marital issue on social media if she has enough of the marriage just like they wed without us let them divorce without us.Why? By involving the media she has opened a can of worms of things she has no control over eg her weight, cosmetic surgery, finances etc become fodder for the public where people who do not know them personally feel they have something to say. Remember once online it is in the world forever. Her kids, grandkids will get to see this well the dust has settled. Stunner’s mother in the background tries to listen to her but she is having none of it so what help does she need? Sorry to say but to me this woman is seeking attention from the wrong platform. The families must resolve this inhouse & Olinda must learn to keep strangers out of her marriage. Why include Pokello in her rants tho????
    #Note: the lady Dion she is apparen’t accusing of cheating with Stunner is based in US all this time so her info doesn’t make sense.