Andy Brown Declared Provincial Hero – Reports

We are hearing reports that the legendary Andy Brown has been declared a provincial hero and that the state will now take charge of his burial.

There had been a frantic campaign on social media to lend a helping hand – as is the local culture at times like this –  to the family.

Andy Brown was a valiant fighter –  at cost to himself – through his art for the rights of indigenous Zimbabweans. He came under heat from the West during the height of the land resettlement exercise carried out by the government, being denied entry into many Western countries for his stance.

The decision by the state to accord him this status is laudable for a man who contributed so much to the country.

His wish was to be buried in Mberengwa. We will inform you as soon as we know.

Andy Brown died yesterday at Parirenyatwa Hospital from pneumonia. He was 50.

Mourners are gathered at 8 Gibings Road, Cranborne, Harare.