And then Cal Vin claps back with ‘Butcher The Butcher’

Emcees make the world go round; or, at least they do in hip hop.

The ever-important art form is perhaps the single-most important facet of rap music: the actual ability to rap . While every aspiring artist and established veteran constantly claim to have a God-like proficiency at rapping (spoiler alert: they usually don’t), there are only a few that are well-versed in the act.

When POY discredited Cal_vin as a lesser lyricist, no doubt many believed him, especially looking and some of his previous work. But Cal_vin’s latest installment in their feud proves that he’s no fluke.

The new song, Butcher The Butcher, opens up with a voice, many have come to believe is Jnr Brown’s, who PoY called a one-trick pony in Wannabe. He’s telling Cal Vin on how he’s warned him about this “hating” before and asking him to send “these n%ggaz” to the butcher where they belong. Then Cal Vin savagely  jumps in with brutal elegiac words  to the Yebo hitmaker, kicking mind-blowing rhymes over a dark, brilliant record. He’s fiercer and more playful at the same time. It is bars after bars until the song ends. Inasmuch as we do not like to  cheerlead rap feuds, this is just a range of awesomeness.

The lyrical warfare has been declared. What’s POY going to say now?

Check it out by clicking here and tell us what you think