An Open Letter To Cathrine Makaya

We decided to write an open letter to Cathrine Makaya after she was dethroned from Miss Zimbabwe and replaced by Tendai Hunda.

Here it goes.

Cathrine Makaya - PIC: Miss World

Cathrine Makaya – PIC: Miss World

Hi Cathrine

First and foremost, we would like to express an extreme sadness with what is happening now. We do not think any human being should be going through what you have on your plate right now.

We have followed the story for your fight against the Miss Zimbabwe Trust with admittedly passing interest given the farcical things that have happened in the time running up to your being kicked to the curb.

Many will admit that you were not our first choice. Thabiso Phiri was our first choice which is why she won on the day. However, don’t take that as a feeling that we were not going to support you. We did. We do. And we pretty much have to wish you the best in everything you do. You’re Zimbabwean. It’s a thing.

However given that scenario, one thing that was lost on us was your deciding that the Trust was a name you could drag through the mud and win. The Trust is the reason we know you. Your position as Miss Zimbabwe only exists because the Trust placed a crown on your head and handed you a specific mandate. That was the golden handcuff.

This meant that you had to work with the Trust to make sure that you represented Zimbabwe to the best of your abilities. They accused you of not pitching up for meetings and you accused them of not being supportive. Whatever you did, whatever they did, not a care given but a rebellious action could not go without consequence.

The fact that the Trust waited this long was in the hope that you would come around and everything would be well.  Well, you know, well like an awkward family reunion but it’s at a memorial for someone the family loved.

Whatever one thinks of what the Trust has done and what Marry Chiwenga has sent you on messages on Whatsapp – something we wish she hadn’t done –  at the end of the day, they own the license that represents Zimbabwe. Once you accepted being the Queen we expected you to behave gracefully no matter what difficulties arose. That is the hallmark of a queen.

Now, while you may win some sections of the court of sections of public opinion, remember that this position will be given to another person next year. We will not pay as much attention to you then. Nothing personal. There will just be a more interesting story then.

The Trust which has given opportunities to many girls like you will remain. Sure the opportunity may not looks so attractive given the fight but we will follow it all the same.

On that note, we wish you all the luck in the world. You are a lovely girl. You are young so you have options. It doesn’t look as if Miss World is one of them –  unless there is a dramatic twist in the next 24 hours and given your name is still on the Miss World website, who knows-  but what we urge you to learn going forward is humility. If this fight had been picked after the finals, then it would have been a win for you. Now, not so much. Even if you do end up going, you still lose.

Learning is not easy but it needs to be done.

With all the love we can muster.


  • Mr Zimbabwe

    we heard she’s an athlete. hope she’s not too late to register for the regional games in Bulawayo.

  • Pretty Petty

    This is off topic but is there a reason why I seem to randomly get 2 versions of this site (what appear to be a mobile and desktop versions) in the same browser? And to get back on topic: I think in the long run this debacle will (hopefully) force some reform in the trust coz something is obviously very wrong, and will help future contestants realise and steel themselves for all the bull doo-doo and pressure that seems to come with the title.

  • sooth sayer

    If you have nothing productive to say about an issue then maybe say nothing at all. Is there any evidence to suggest that Catherine broke any rules? Or is it just plain old bullying… in any case Cathrine represented the young Zimbavwean girls beautifully. Always handled herself with grace. Research the work she had done before and during her reign. And trust that Miss Zimbabwe was not the beginning nor is it the end of this beautiful, intelligent girl.

  • musata nyoka

    In as much as Mary Mubaiwa has the licence she has to know that it is a Zimbabwean Brand not her pet project! nxa!