Ammara Brown’s Open Letter To Zimpunk’d

The fallout between Zimpunk’d and Ammara Brown continues and does not seem to be showing any sign of coming to an end.

Clive Mandizha of Zimpunk’d was on ZiFM Stereo yesterday and said Brown was happy to be part of the punk and that there were dark forces causing her to suddenly turn on the organisation.

Brown has posted an open letter to Zimpunk’d in response to some of the things said on the show. She also published a screenshot of a conversation between her and Mandizha on Whatsapp.

We publish it here unredacted:


Dear Clive Mandizha of Zim Punked

I understand that you are trying to save Zim punked as you are the founder, BUT the TRUTH is that SANDRA was affected at the expense of your brand. I see you’ve lied about me to the media but you have confused “Ammara the artist” with “Ammara the philanthropist”. This is not about me.
*Definition of Philanthropist: “a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others. “

SANDRA’s life is still hanging in the balance, and I hope someday you realize that. In the mean time I’m going to hit you where it hurts the most, because it is evident you have next to no compassion towards the value of human life. The Almighty will forgive you but I wont, until you do right by Sandra. That is all I have left to say to you.

Dear Ammartians and public

I want to give you the facts. That’s all. I don’t expect Zim punked to air the un-edited version of my experience. Granted they will cover what they can. But YOU will know today, and I hope it will inspire you to help save Sandra.
Allow me to list and demystify the lies told by Clive, founder and director of Zim Punked.

LIE #1 “A man named Jerry contacted Ammara and has since resigned from Zim Punked” – Clive

FACT #1: The man who called me was CLIVE (with his fake Irish/British accent) The conversation went as follows

Me: “You’re aware we need $2000?”

Clive: “Yes! Not a problem at all!”

Me: “Oh great! Well let me contact Celebrities Combined with the news.”

LIE #2 : “I do not understand why Ammara didn’t make it known that she was not happy because she actually posed for photos with the crew after we had told her she was “ZImPunk’d”. – Clive

FACT #2: Do you see my eyes in this picture? They are RED from CRYING. It took 4 apologies from Clive to calm me down and ANOTHER FALSE PROMISE from him saying they would HELP save Sandra in order to make amends. I, unfortunately, believed him and agreed to say I had been punked on camera. Shame on me for believing him again.

LIE #3 : “Its really a mystery why Ammara would do that because the truth is we are also part of the organisation Celebrity Combined which is working towards the realisation of the funds needed to help Sandra.” – Clive


Knowledge is power, and now you all know.

If you have the means to HELP SAVE SANDRA please donate to the account details below

Ecocash: 078 225 7710
Telecash: 073 366 2027

FBC Bank
Name: Mawere Ashirai
account number: 7270135850167
Branch Code: 8120
Swift Code: FBCPZWHA
Branch: FBC Cente

May The Almighty Bless you for all your help. We are so grateful. Thank you in advance.

Below is a screenshot of the conversation between Mandizha and Brown.

Ammara Briwn and Clive Mandizha conversation

Ammara Briwn and Clive Mandizha conversation

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