Ammara Brown’s Crucifixion Artwork Raises Eyebrows

Ammara Brown dropped a sample off her new song Crucify Me yesterday and the song itself generally got positive reviews. The artwork however raised a few eyebrows.

For those who did not see it, it is a depiction of a creature with a woman’s body and the head of a crow coupled with wings on a cross with all sorts of ornaments on it.

Artwork used by Ammara Brown for Crucify Me. - PIC:

Artwork used by Ammara Brown for Crucify Me. – PIC:

Now before you think of this sort of image causing offence being a Zimbabwean thing, this would have been controversial anywhere across the world. Kanye West caused a stir when he did the same and some of the mythological images used by artists like him have resulted in people linking them to the illuminati.

Religion will always be a touchy subject.

So what about this image used by Ammara Brown.  Well first and foremost, it is an image you can download for free from so it really is just an image that Ammara found fascinating off the Internet by an artist who we are trying to get in touch with to get his or her interpretation.

From looking at it and some understanding of mythology, there are elements to it that should not bring you alarm. Crows are either givers or takers of life so that interpretation is entirely up to y0u. Wings on crosses often depict religious freedom/rebellion from a Christian perspective and a need to express oneself. However a lot of these have been taken as alternative christian symbolism (This is in spite of the cross actually being of pagan origin. It predates Christianity and was even used by Babylonians as a symbol of worship for their god Tammuz. So in essence the cross itself for religious symbolism unless you stem from pre-christian mythologically based religious contsruct is actually  bad idea.)

Getting back to the  Ammara Brown cover design. Was it a bad idea to use it? We don’t think so, from the basis of freedom of expression. Her call to a victim mentality when she says Zimbabwe is not ready for her however is misplaced. She would have known, as much as Kanye or Lady Gaga or even Brenda Fassie in her day that her choice for artwork would cause controversy. That she blames the market for reacting is unfair. Art exists in its space and without a reaction it is worthless. It will mean different things to different people and that it must.

Those who are offended have a right to that without being called backward.  From her page – 

Sharad Joseph A picture speaks a thousand words, theres no justifying this . Who ever advised you on this , hates you . please take it off. —-  

Lloyd Samhere Aaaaaah Ammara chiii ichiiii…Ummmm zvakutyisa handichada page rino byeeeeeee

Those who give it a thumbs-up have the same right without being labeled heathens.(From her page –  

Rene La’Bling Goonsturr You’re too good, too original.. Zimbo’s aren’t ready for you yet, they’re trippin, fallen and can’t get up! —

Mutsa Zulu Kujeke I get it, I listened to the song and I think it is absolute perfection! Well done Ammara, this song is off the chain. If everyone actually listened to the song they’d get it. In addition Ammara is not even a Christian, she’s Muslim, so this no attack on Christianity.
I love this sample and can’t wait for the album to drop! It’s clearly going to be amazing!!!!

Those who don’t care are allowed not to a well.

Meanwhile, listen to the song by clicking here.

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