Ammara Brown misses UK performance after visa, tickets delay

Award-winning singer Ammara Brown who was slated to perform in the UK at Zimbabwe’s independence celebration this weekend missed the show and in statement explained why.

Ammara Brown at the Toya Delazy show in Harare

It reads in full

I announce this with great sadness, Ammartia. I will not be coming to the U.K. today, and in turn will not be performing.

When I commit to a show anywhere in the world, it is is in all cases a joint venture between me and local hosts. In such a partnership we each have our responsibilities and duties to deliver in order to make the event a successful one for all.

At the 11th hour I was devastated to learn that the visa process had been delayed, which in turn led to a delay in the purchase of my ticket.

Sadly, these are things that do happen in our industry from time to time and was unfortunately out of my control.

I do however hope that my team and I can work with Dream Team Ent in the nearest future, so that I can deliver on the performance I had hoped to give you.

Fans will have been disappointed although we hope for their sake there is a show there soon.