Ammara Brown delivers ‘Ammartia’ in style

It was a night when Ammara Brown stamped her authority as arguably the most important female in Zimbabwe’s entertainment circles at the moment.

Ammara Brown as she launches Ammartia

They often say don’t believe the hype but she was worth all the noise, every ounce, moments dripping with beautiful nectar of the sonic gods.

Carefully curated by her manager Tsungi Zvobgo and the masterful organisation of Ngoma Nehosho with its head Walter Wanyanya at the helm, a packed newly extended upmarket establishment, The Venue in Avondale Harare, witnessed a night of wonder..

The key thing this launch got correct was this was Ammara’s show. No musical curtain raisers were billed that casual bystanders could claim to have been used to lure people to her launch.

This was a room full of Ammartians who came to watch their queen in style.

Ammara Brown’s performance, delivered in her signature barefoot pulsating emotive content are synonymous with  a standard of quality that can sit perfectly on the shelf next to her urban peers on the continent.

Ammara and Chengeto Brown at Ammartia launch

The life fused into her presentation on Friday, belting out songs from the album was pleasing. It was a participatory burst of pleasure from energetic verve in which we saw Tytan join her on stage for the smash hits Mukoko and her sister Chengeto for Wachu Want to the deep impressions on the heart of Ode To Mama. Ammartians sang along to everything.

It was a show, not a gig, choreographer John Cole even taking to the stage at points for control.

Then there was the Akiliz video, much awaited and cheered to no end by Ammartians in the audience.

The crowd at the Ammartia launch

A night that even if you watched it off some rogue Facebook Live video, only made sense if you were there. The explosion of light, sound, conversations, comedy, poetry and more made for a packaged experience that the organisers will deserve a huge pat on the back for.

The bruises and raw emotions of the last five years building to this moment were well worth the wait.

Ammartia is out now and available from your favourite digital store.

Quick side note:  pity about the whole no mobile money for drinks tickets though but that had nothing to do with the performer

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