Amakhosi Theatre To Get Prince Claus Fund Award

Bulawayo-based Zimbabwean cultural centre Amakhosi Theatre is one this year’s recipients of the Prince Claus Fund Award this year, 2015.


The report gave as the reason why the Cont Mhlanga founded organisation is getting the award:

Amakhosi is awarded for its engaging, humorous and perceptive portrayals of the struggles of ordinary people; for mentoring and supporting critical voices and empowering people to shape their own future; for extraordinary resilience in upholding the value of art in society; for putting the needs of the community at the heart of their activities; and for creating courage, reflection and laughter in a difficult context.

Alongside practice spaces, its open-air stage hosts performances, concerts and open sessions where youth groups and individuals show works and receive critiques. Constantly looking to reach wider audiences, Amakhosi has recently set up two radio stations.

The Prince Claus Awards honour outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development. The awards are presented annually to individuals, groups and organisations whose cultural actions have a positive impact on the development of their societies.

In keeping with the Prince Claus Fund’s guiding principle that ‘culture is a basic need’, the awards highlight significant contributions in regions where resources or opportunities for cultural expression, creative production and preservation of cultural heritage are limited.

Countries like Iraq, Nigeria and Iran among others have representation in the 11 out of 103 submissions.


Congratulations to the folks over there.

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