Of Allan Chimbetu Being Arrested For Failing To Pay Maintenance

So in case you have not heard, Dendera musician Allan Chimbetu was arrested last week for failing to pay $60 maintenance for a child he has with his estranged wife Mildred Mapuranga.

The warrant was issued in September and executed last week after his performance at the Unity Gala. We guess the fact that he was on the bill for that show it was easy to find him. He was in custody for the whole weekend and was only released after paying the outstanding money.

The pair have a daughter who is 11 years old and it appears as if Chimbetu has not been paying the $60 monthly maintenance for HIS child. Yes, his own flesh and blood. Who he imagines is taking care of her we have no idea.

Did he have to get arrested to do right by his child? Did it have to get that real? Also look at it this way. This is $2 per day to maintain your child. What you expect her to be able to do with $2 a day we have no idea. That is a loaf of a bread and a pint of milk per day for your offspring.

Sure there could be issues you have with ex. She could be going out with someone you do not like even. She could be saying nasty things to you every other day. She could even be the one human being you genuinely hate. The child though, should have nothing to do with this. Her welfare is not negotiable.

That is just what it is.