MC Chita – The Ambassador’s Son Album Review

MC Chita released his latest album The Ambassador’s Son this year and we took time listening to it to understand it a bit.

The 16-track lineup features an all-star guest list that includes Junior Brown, Tehn Diamond, Roki, Cindy Munyavi, Herby Dangerous to name a few.

Chita is a legend of the Zimbabwe hip hop scene and he has earned his stripes for keeping at it for so long. There is no faulting his flow and his style. He has studied his art and he has developed himself as an artist over the years.

Looking at what he has offered from before this album it seems as if this is Chita setting himself up for something. We are not sure what it is but he is throwing the gauntlet but in a less-than-obvious manner.

He chooses his beatmakers well and deliberately. Tagz, Big Mike, Ftr and even gets the legendary Kelly Rusike on Bass and his girl Victoria Tur on strings at some point.

On the whole the album looks like something that a lot of work has gone into. Bar two songs the rest are well produced and mixed. Chita knows what he wants and he generally has gotten it on this.

The thing that is unfortunate with this album is that while he has made an effort to get a lot of Zimbabwean bodies on it, it sounds like an American rapper featuring artists from Zimbabwe. Chita sounds like something straight out of Brooklyn and not something from the streets of Harare. This will work against it when it comes to marketing the album outside Zimbabwe.

For what our favourite songs are, we have to say Fall From Grace  takes first place by a distance. It features Shazza and talks about how one could make it somewhat and then fall away. The second verse is particularly poignant with many saying that it was a broadside at Mizchif. Ndanakirwa featuring Sheena has serious club potential. Seven30 with Tehn Diamond was also quite mercurial. If you cut the use of the n!@@a in One More Second  the song has a chance. Smylie and Junior Brown Ehe (Everyday) was an idea waiting to happen.

All in all, it is a listenable album and that is all you can ask for. In a better music industry it would get more traction than it has right now.

Tracks to download

Fall From Grace