ALBUM REVIEW: Winky D – Gombwe

Filled with deep introspection and fleeting moments of mirth, Winky D’s Gombwe is spiritual with servings of the colloquial.

Winky D Gombwe

Winky D’s biggest skill has been his writing. That has led some who yearn for his old sound accusing him of emotional blackmail given a seemingly innate ability to abstract the most sombre feelings whatever the sound.

There is no departure from this writing in Gombwe and Winky D purveys the prevailing sense of helplessness, grief, need for deliverance among a gamut of emotions.

It is not by accident that the star’s lyrics are emotovely picked up on word for word by his legion of fans which is where this album draws its biggest strengths.

The cultured extension of accosting the talents of Vabati VaJehova in Ngirozi is skillfully done by Oskid, the architect of this album, in that Winky D’s sound remains preponderant yet the troupe’s contribution is powerful. Just enough.

In Hatiperekedzane, the topic of grief is revisited, around how people treat each other while still alive, given none accompany each other at death.

Hakuna kubviswa panechakanaka kuchiva zvakaipa (There is nothing good to be achieved by desiring evil)

Then there is a call for strength from Simba and the playfulness of Highway Code. Winky D serves some braggadacio in the title track Gombwe and Onaiwo. For those who want the regular Zim Dancehall sound he has MaRobots.

Many will say the topics visited are many we have heard from him before, but it is his ability much like Adele, from 19 to 25 via 21, to extract that emotion again, a skill looked down upon in these climes, that is self-evident.

It is after all the intrepid emotional realisition from intimate corners that make for an album.

As for the sound, Oskid’s persistence with a marked difference from the ultra-minimalism defining the urban expression is commended.

There won’t be much of a sound high for the regular, but the emotional kaleidoscope is fully loaded.

Tracks to download:

  • Ngirozi ft Vabati VaJehovah
  • Gombwe
  • Hatiperekezane

Click here to listen to the album


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