ALBUM REVIEW: Teambho Boss Schingy – KaBetterLyfe

For a rapper Schingy is still that precocious emcee who can say things you could not believe and a kind of prodigy no parent would ever want their child to be like.

His insights are beyond his years and with his latest album, KaBetterLyfe, he delivers a most personal and artistically compelling collection of music. It feels like the realization of a boss life he’s been working towards, one that vacillates between snobbery and pushing competition as far away as possible by stunting on them.

Developed mostly  around swaggering organ-driven boppers, he’s not whiting away the tendencies he’s always had ; unbarred honesty, disrespectful and notoriously transparent. His immodest fame, relationship with women and family and cocky hustle dominate the album’s subject matter.

It is a brisk project and it features the likes of Bashupi, H20 ,Natasha Muz, Maggikal and Poptain. That helps in bringing about a certain level of musicality which he lacks. All of them makes great synergy with the rapper, but it’s the tyro Natasha who lends an unforgettable contribution. Fellow Y.G.E spitters Briss Mbada and Scrip Mula come in on Jack Reverse, a song crafted well enough to perhap make fans forget about the missing A.Reese feature.

The album’s aesthetic is also found in the range of ampling beats with flavours from trap, tropical, hyphy, dancehall and electronic-pop. All producers, from the little known Nicky to the acclaimed Nyasha Timbe did an amazing job in piecing it up. It has something for everyone, although at some points the rapper find it hard to adhere. But that can’t be blame on beatsmiths.

For all its unethical marketplace delivery, this pithily captivating and overwhelming full length from the mind of Gushungo veRap is no less of a hip-hop landmark than high-profile recent communiqués from Tulk Munny and Sharky. It is a boon to the listeners ,especially those cool kids who calls everything “saucy.” All in all,there’s so much of Schingy’s aesthetic one can take from KaBetterLyfe

Standout tracks :

  • Jack Reverse ft Briss Mbada & Scrip Mula
  • Number One ft Natasha Muz
  • KaBetterLyfe ft BaShupi

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