ALBUM REVIEW: TariMari – Kumusha

This was easily by a country stone’s throw one of the most difficult albums to review. And it wasn’t for the music itself.


When Chiwoniso Maraire lived she pined for the record material of her cousin Tari, saying she was one of the most talented people she knew.

Hearing her, we knew Tari was incredible and even amazing.

In Kumusha she revealed all the elegance and artistry many saw in her. The music, the beautiful succession of notes in the form of intrinsic African neo-soul draws us to love, in the ease of execution and the perfect symphony of the storyline of the music.

She accosted Alex Brown, Jah Prayzah, Ba Shupi onto this Humphrey Domboka production to create music that  married a classic soul sound pining for the echos made popular by the smokey rooms of Chicago married to the intrinsic values of the African rhythms.

In simple terms, this is an album that sillifies conventional boundaries, daring on the cusp of what we should dare for and not what we care for.

Shades are there, but not on parochial sounds.

The only kink. The idealism is beautiful but the storytelling kinda drops off at critical points.

That said. It’s blue, it’s brilliant. it’s funky.

We like it.

Tracks to download:

  •  Kumusha
  • Shushu
  • Gomo remafaro

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