ALBUM REVIEW: Take Fizzo & Tulk Munny – Gwanda Rulez

Veteran urban music producer Take Fizzo and rapper Tulk Munny has collaborated on a quick, transitional new album titled Gwanda Rulez.

On the album the two simply wanted to rap, have fun and let go off heavy burdens, showcasing an affinity for illegal betting cadences and forward-looking lyricism. They combined both domestic and international influences to create a uniquely lingering streamlined album, with a relative mainstream appeal.

It’s a lighter piece and its motley menacing synthetics evoke a colourful mood, even if some of the songs are less energetic than others. Most songs leans toward Tulk’s catchy lyrical side, while Fizzo leapfrogs scant and elephant-esque hooks and melodies on various rhythms (Nhemamsasa & Beta Life).

With Tulk, you never have to wonder what’s on his mind, his delivery which sounds both lazy and drunk makes him one of hip hop’s most accessible emcee on an ilk. It’s never without effect when he spit, be it a punchy bar or just unrhymed lines. However, there are indeed moments on this album, particularly on Your Body and My Ladies, where he sound awkwardly faux. It’s not that he’s less of a romantic spitter, but that his raps about love doesn’t do enough to stay in one’s brain long past initial consumption, a different case with rappers like Mile and Karizma, or when he’s rapping about that notorious life he leads.

Fortunately, such low sounds  are mostly overshadowed by some much heralded trailblazing highlights of the album.

The star-studied Power Move ¬†is an infectious street anthem built well enough to excite the senses and demonstrate that not everything seeping into the Zimbabwean consciousness from Zim hip-hop need to be some rehashed mumbling or tales of suffering. Even the Mc Chita and J.A.Z’s featured song “Mweya” make for a fascinating track. The four rise above a stilted island flavoured beat, thanking God for his plenty provision in their day-to-day operations.

The Swiska assisted Paranoia is undoubtedly the weirdest on the record and the two’s carefree and chirpy flows is plenty inviting on it’s own. And also Dizzy Don and Kay keeps fans entertained with their hilarious Gwanda Rulez skits.

To that end ,Tulk Munny and Take Fizzo’s project hits the mark and it will definitely overfill their fans with an oddball spirit. For an album whose whole raison d’etre is largely lyricism, urban youth culture and installing new street anthems, it hangs together remarkably well. Even in it’s mostly extreme Gwanda Rulez glimmer through, conversely endorsing the duo as a powerful force in Zimhip-hop. Recommended listen.

Standout Tracks:

  • Power Move
  • Beta Life
  • Paranoia

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