ALBUM REVIEW: Mile – Trading Hours

Mile is not an artist to stand still. Each song he has produced from Ghost to date have seen the expressive singer/rapper shifting and floating between various paranormal soundscapes.

Never really fitting into one genre, the twenty-three years old muso has managed to nail whatever he’s doing, whether its hip hop,rnb, or anything pop.

That much is obvious on his new offering Trading Hours.

Released under the Veryus imprint, the sixteen track album which arrived on 12 Apri 2017l ,find the Ink smoothie at his typical ,whimsical best, with singy-songy hooks, irresistible poetry and fluid rapid-fire flows. It is a brilliant, genre-blurred oeuvre with melting-pot sounds; slight African styles stewed with bountiful western flavours. It is a rich, hall-of-mirrors listening experience and the influence of producer Verseless Philo is clear.

For an artist who often gets described as par sensational, Mile packed a massive amount of emotions and drama into Trading Hours. It’s built on three definitive niches: elegies to his lost father who passed away in 2010, sorrowful ballads to lost romantic love and mafioso raps that challenges established authorities in hip hop.

What’s a General to a soldier /You tired veterans even sounds like you getting older.

He raps in Muchitaura. In most songs he is validating himself as a nonesuch brand that refuses to conform to the opinions of many on how hip hop in Zimbabwe should sound like.He is aware of the criticism hence the need to address it unflinchingly in Proof,

(I) don’t give a F@&k about endorsements I’m here to tell’em who the man/I lost some family and friends for this don’t ever think I’m scared to loose a fan

Even the collaborations were well-thought of. Having Marcques ,Bryan K, Rue, Chengeto B, uBu, Benzil, IRA, Vee Mukarati, Meyniak and Verseless assisting on vocals itself heralds a must-listen masterpiece.

Overall, the album is a pensive sensational one that’s pretty much rooted in Zimbabwe, but expect it to blow up everywhere else pretty sharpish.

Standout tracks:
Ain’t Thinkin About U

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