ALBUM REVIEW: MC Chita – Ndinonzi Chitarisiro

An impressively introspective and beguiling album that possesses enough self-reflection maturity and braggadocio to startle mcees into double checking the amount of ink in their pens.

Released late last year,  Ndinonzi Chitarisiro combines the hard, melodic and gritty elements of the genre.The rapper who debuted in 2003 on Brown Sugar’s record has finally unveiled his impeccable heartfelt, earnest and sobering albeit hard-hitting eponymous project.

The fifteen track album delivers a thunderous wall-to-wall dose of hip-hop that thrives on the themes of self-consciousness, perseverance, braggadocio, and hope. Apart from his signatory foul play (cursing and swearing ) the project leaned more towards radio-friendly beats over which he delivered rhymes that dripped with quality. Songs like In Shallah, Zvinoita, Thatsolano, Hustle On and  I Believe emphasise the theme of perseverance in Chita’s earnest temperament. In most cases he is using personal problems, shortcomings hardships, triumphs and his father’s homilies as illustrations for listeners to draw inspirations.

Although the collection holds It’s fair share of emotive slow-paces and sanity, it’s not MC Chita without a few enticing cerebral lyricism and unapologetic-ness attitudes. Mira Uwone, No Dhiri, Pardon U,Gcwala and Maiwhe register his amicable mischievous motives that are accompanied by infinitely funny, skeptical and sometimes edgy undercurrents throughout. The paranormal soundscapes, notoriously high energy flows and preternatural double timed rhyme cadences infallibly exhibits his staying power.

With the production team that includes Aytee Taylor, MacZee, Fun F, Dj Tamuka, Com3mo Yung Ziff, Machele and guest features like Gze,Boi Mac, VengeMuzik, GuluvaSe7en, Brian G and Pauline,  it’s a worthy listening.

However, the album also contains a minimal room for margin of experimental errors. One standout is the use of electronic expressionless vocals on The Pledge. The song has a good subject matter and beat but sappy vocals. Chita and King Aktive possesses the most distinctive voices and best believe a natural version would have been more appealing. Another low moment of the album is on Clear My Way. We condone the plight and content,  but the artistic collaboration with Prince Passion isn’t too successful. It’s so forgettable,  unlike other tracks.

Overal, Ndinonzi Chitarisiro disc one is a solid oeuvre. It shows that MC Chita is still transcending and unflinching. I can recommend this to a friend.

Standout tracks
No Dhiri
Hustle On

Stream the whole album here

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