ALBUM REVIEW: Mawu Veins – Aneni, God With Me

Malvin Masundire, 24, is a gospel artist who goes by his stage name Mawu Veins.

In the past, he’s worked with other gospel artists such as Kudzai Nyakudya, Tempalani, Zim Praise and non-gospel collective  group Ngoma Huru. He has now turned to pursuing a solo career and released his second studio album titled Aneni:God With Me.

Here is our review.

Aneni: God With Me is one among other great contemporary  gospel albums ever released in the history of Zimbabwe. It’s  made up of eight tracks and is built on the ground of giving hope and encouragement to everybody in their  lowest times. The variety of themes explored on  the album makes it’s relevance even go beyond just Christian spaces.

Instrumentally, it has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal tracks perfectly. Justified praise goes to the budding young producer Alicious. It takes super skills to come up with a body of work that varies from traditional gospel, rhumba, house, afrobeats, rnb and piano. The performance quality is high throughout and  his sound mastery isawe-inspiring, overshadowing some notable sonic complexities.

The melodies are strong and tuned, with attractive vocal tones that exude a deep sense of pious platitude. Another token of appreciation goes to the features Prosper Raphael, Tinashe, Marvelous Mahlupeka and Patience Musa. Artisticly, they blend well with Mawu Veins.

However,  sometimes there are  some pitch accuracy issues among the singers.

Overall,  the album is distinctive and original and we strongly believe that if marketed well , it has a strong commercial potential.


Tracks to download