ALBUM REVIEW: Elli-ot – King Of Hearts

For an interesting young crooner with a still-burgeoning career and a long-term staying power Elli-ot is where many RnB purists can invest their hope.

Possessing a dazzling voice with barely any snag beneath it, he can emote a full range of relationship issues effectively. In his capacity as a humble newbie he is believably devotional in his music –  which is useful when investing get-freaky love jams with a nice-boy depth, the kind that many of his contemporaries haven’t been able to get at since they’ve became their own number ones.

His new album entitled King Of Hearts checks in at eleven tracks of vast balladry and undeniable grooves. His writing is persuasive and moreover, his exceptional ability to visualize love stories in ways many people can relate too. Songs like You Are, Zvangu Zvauya, and Say Aah have the singer vividly crooning the qualities that makes his woman amazing and their relationship covetous.

On Kumakomo and Wenyama he takes a dive into melodrama and contemporary emo where he reasons with his lover over failure to deliver love unconditionally and truthfully. He mends it up and continues to show love through the end of the album on songs like Zvakadaro, Svoto and Little Forever before taking the tempo a bit higher for the stepping song Looking For A Girl with Popero and Soul Jah Love. The set concludes with the ballad Titangidze Rudo featuring Chenai, taking us to the climax and reaffirming that indeed he is a King Over Hearts.

If there is one complaint, we’d have loved to see the album be longer; it left us wanting more.

Unfortunately however, King Of Hearts is not without it’s flaws.The most noticeable of all is on Ghoridhe, a song performed over the Blesser Groove rhythm. While by no means a bad track, its sound is painfully at odds with the album’s preceding song. The volume is irksomely high. Blame it on the mixing and mastering or perhaps the beat itself.

Yet despite these shortcomings,the album still remains an enjoyable listening. Most of the beats crafted here are fantastic and Elli-ot is in fine voice too. In many ways we can excuse the aforementioned missteps because for the most part King Of Hearts delivers.

Recommended tracks :
You Are
Say Aah
Looking For A Girl

Listen to it below:

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