ALBUM REVIEW: Tariro NeGitare Debut Album

We have seen Tariro NeGitare grow in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years.

Tariro NeGitare Album Cover

Tariro NeGitare Album Cover

From when she would be seen walking from the Mannenberg, on a random weekday afternoon to the lifts on Seventh Street to her backing Edith Weutonga then her flagship brand the Acoustic Night.

She is easily recognisable as a person who puts events together and with time has evolved into an artist with depth and an eye for a good song.

Her self-titled debut album is a lot of things that you would expect if you have seen her live. In it she sings from her soul, never deviating from an introspective spiritual journey, whether she is talking about being smitten in Mawara, the braggadocio and defiance of Wildfire or a sweet-spot dedication to her child in Ishe Anesu. 

The influence of the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi and Lauryn Hill – Tariro raps – are felt throughout the album but she puts her own accent to the music. In its feeling it is quintessentially Zimbabwean without being the run-off-the-mill afro-pop.  It is contemporary African without being stereotypical.

There is room for growth, of course. We think that some of the writing is overly simple and a bit more creativity by running away from the obvious rhyme would make the songs richer.

On the real thought, we think the album will get heavy rotation. It is an album we liked.

Three we recommend:

Zuva Nezuva


African Girl

Just as a side note, Tariro launches the album on 20 April at the Cave Affair in Domboshava. Click here for more details. Otherwise it is available on Amazon.

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