Akon’s DJ Benny Demus releases music video shot in Mbare

For those who don’t know who Benny Demus is, he is the DJ behind Eve and Akon. Yes he was in Zimbabwe on the Akon tour and what some of you might not know is that he has his own music and has released two very well-released mixtapes available for download for free from his ste http://www.bennydemus.com.

This particular video is for a track called I’sa Badman taken off his Ben In Black mixtape. His PR sent us this blurb…

As soon as Benny-Demus touched down in Zimbabwe a small village peak his curiosity! Instantly, he asked the driver about the area as they drove by. The driver stated not to go over there alone and it was a dangerous part of Zimbabwe! Benny-Demus reached the hotel and settled in, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the small village he had passed a few hours before.  Benny went to Dominique, a videographer on the team with a brilliant idea! “Let’s shoot a music video” Dominique agreed! However, he didn’t have the location in mind. “I want to go to the small village we passed earlier!” With little hesitation they set out to shoot “I’sa Badman” the people of Zimbabwe showed Benny-Demus a lot of love & support!

Kinda takes Benny into that brand of artists who don’t just come into countries and bugger off without sampling the culture. And it is no wonder he got a lot of love and support.

It is not every day that a big artist or his spin-doctor give you an eternal moment

  • Tonderai Chiyindiko

    I love the video,the ‘black and white’ parts…the colour and violence bit is poorly done…it cannot be believed and needs stuntmen and a budget…the song,well its not bad….