Akala Lights Up Shoko! Festival

The concerts came front and centre yesterday in the Shoko!  International Spoken Word and Hip Hop Festival with much-awaited Akala igniting the night with his Illa State hip hop.

After a full day of workshops the crowd was amped about the performances in the evening. As you walked around the Festival you came across people with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Tumi and some of the members of the volume were in the crowd. Hired Gun took every opportunity he could get to impart knowledge.

Akala on Stage at Shoko! Festival. Click on image for full view

Acts that performed acquitted themselves well, showing skills that are often marginalised by mainstream media, for whatever reasons we are not really going to indulge ourselves in right now.

Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka had the crowd toy-toying as usual and then, Akala took to the stage.With DJ Surgeon on the boards, and three members of Cde Fatso’s band, Josh Meck and Manatsa brothers providing live sound, they simply pumped life into an already vibrant festival. The level of consciousness was magic. The sound, was that thing you have been missing about the game because the mainstream simply won’t play it. In his set there was even time for Akala to call local MC G.O.Dobori who did no damage to his reputation.

After all that the Monkey Nuts put the concerts to bed with differnt MCs riding their enigmatic beats. After that, it was time for DJ Rax to set the night alight. With alcohol and Londoner Club prices, revelers (now I feel like Herald reporter) danced into the night.

Today the festival closes down with performances from Outspoken and the Essence, Tumi and the Volume and Hired Gun. Dj Bionic is flying in and he will be alongside DJ Marvin later on to shut down the festival.

The Shoko! Festival is happening at Alliance Francaise and is a Magamba Network initiative.