Actors To Go Through Intensive Programme With American TV/Film Star

So Almasi Collaborative Arts together with the Harare International Festival of the Arts will take 10 actors who are keen to develop their craft through an intensive programme.


Ideally they would like the number to be split down the middle, that is five women and five men but we’re pretty sure they are not excessively finicky about that.

Andre Holland, an esteemed American actor of TV, Stage and Film will teach a master acting course to deeply promising
Zimbabwean actors over the course of several weeks. The course will utilize the texts of August Wilson and William
Shakespeare as tools of dramatic engagement and will delve into deepening the artist’s craft, process and literary
understanding through these dramatic giants.

Almasi says it forsees a time when the Zimbabwean artist has constant access to training and constant opportunity to deepen their skills and create great artistic works. This course furthers that vision, providing them with an invaluable resource in Mr Holland, whose esteemed career speaks for itself in what he will be able to impart and invest in the Zimbabwean actor.

Holland stars opposite Clive Owen in the new Cinemax/HBO series The Knick, directed by Stephen Soderbergh. He has appeared in all sorts of series including  Burn Notice, 1600 Penn, Friends with Benefits (he played Julian ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald) and Law and Order. He also co-starred in the Warner Brothers film “42′′ in which he portrayed sportswriter Wendell Smith who chronicled Jackie Robinson’s career.

The classes to take place from 29 April to 14 May.  To find out more about what they will be up to, click here.