A Moment With… Dananai Chipunza

Dananai Chipunza was crowned the Inaugural Carnival Queen in May 2013 at a ceremony held at the HICC.

The 21 year-old is a chef and culinary entreprenuer and is also the founder of the International Cultural Food Festival. Her philosophy in life is she believes in taking chances you can never and should never limit yourself or restrict yourself from growing and getting to where God wants you to be. Nothing is too good for you, it’s a matter of working hard, believing in yourself and accepting that, “If God is for you, then who can be against you” Romans 8vs31.

Her role model is Michelle Obama whom she believes is a symbol for women of colour around the world who don’t believe the notion of a woman of colour being a  first at anything is possible.

Dananai Chipunza winning Miss Carnival in 2013

Dananai Chipunza winning Miss Carnival in 2013

We caught up with her when she afforded 3-mob.com a moment.

What is your government name?

Dananai Ratidzo Chipunza

What do you like to call yourself?


What is the most ridiculous nickname you have ever had?

DRC (someone very close to me is the only person that calls me that)

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

The right side

Are you left-handed or right-handed?

I am left handed and yes that does make me a smart person.

What is your favourite instrument?

The piano. All my favourite ballads have the piano being played as the only instrument.

What is the first song you fell in love with?

Waters Run Dry by Boys 2 Men

Best concert you have ever been to?

I went to Oliver Mtukudzi’s show in Johannesburg some years back where he performed with the likes of Hugh Masekela and  the late Sam Mtukudzi. For me, that show remains my favourite.

Of the things you were involved in as a beauty queen what was your favourite?

My charity project is the best thing that happened to me during my reign simply because I am happy to have done my part to help improve a child’s life and this is something I will continue doing even after my reign.

How do you deal with groupies?

I am convinced that I don’t have any groupies. I am an easy going person so I find it easy to get into conversations with everyone that approaches me I definatley have not let the titile get to my head.

How excited were you when the first groupie hollered at you?

I have met people intreasted in knowing me on social networks especially on twitter and at various events I have attended and the intreasting thing is with most of them I had always been looking for ways to approach them and get to know them too.

Where is Zimbabwe beauty pageantry going?

The pageantry business in Zimbabwe has a long way to go in Zimbabwe, we lack experience and knowledge of how it is done internationally but I know we are learning from our mistakes are working on making sure we start organizing pageants that will get us on the same platform as the ones being held internationally.

Where is your career going?

I am venturing into the business world and I have a couple of projects lined up already . I am currently running a kitchen/restaurant at a local banks sports club and I am also working on the 2nd edition of the International Cultural Food Festival.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I have been making sure I don’t get stereo typed as the typical beauty queen especially by the media where its though that all I have going on for myself is the title. I want to go on and show that the concept of beauty and brains does exist, as I set off on my journey of wanting to be the first Zimbabwean to own a fine dine restaurant chain.