A moment with… Crimson Blu

Crimson Blu Aka Tendai Dikinya, is a Zimbabwean singing sensation based in South Africa.

Crimson Blu

Crimson Blu

Crimson is rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of SA music. Her work speaks for itself. Crimson recently performed her hit dance single Floating (produced by DjAj)on Club808 and Etv’s Sunrise Show ,two of SA’s leading TV shows.

Crimson’s musical journey in SA, started in 2013 when she took part in a talent show called ‘UCanDoIt’, which aired on SABC 1. Out of over 5000 hopefuls, Crimson was one the 5 winners, forming a group called The Maples. The group won a project based recording deal with Universal Music.

In 2014 Tendai joined 999Music as a writer penning songs for certain artists in the stable. Two months later her work gained her a reputation in the stable, and it was decided that the recording of her debut album, ‘Crimson Blu,’ would commence. It has since been released and is available on iTunes.

Crimson Blu on stage before performing SABC1s Live Amp

Crimson Blu on stage before performing SABC1s Live Amp

She has performed extensively to huge crowds in South Africa.

Here is our moment with her below:

What is your Government name?
Tendai Michelle Dikinya

What do you like to call yourself?
Crimson Blu

What is the most ridiculous nickname you have ever had?
Cuddla.. started as a joke between my best friend and I in college, and then it kinda just stuck.

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
Whichever side allows me to see the largest portion of the room.. I can’t sleep staring at a wall.

Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Partiality ambidextrous. I write with my right and do most other things effectively with my left.

What is your favourite instrument?
Double bass.. I plan on learning how to play it very soon..

What is the first song you fell in love with?
I’m pretty sure I fell in love with music before I could speak, but I’ll think back to my earliest memories. It would have to be Tracy Chapman – I’m Ready. I remember long road trips with my parents and my sister, and as the stars lit up the night sky and my mum and sister slept, I would stare at the sky, and Tracy Chapman played in the background as my dad drove. I knew i was gonna be a star one day, just like her. I fell in love with music on those trips.

Best concert you have ever been to?
2008 John Legend at the CocaCola Dome, Johannesburg.  I was in the Golden Circle in front of the stage. This happened at the peak of my John Legend obsession so that amplified the experience I guess. I cried my eyes out and imagined that everyone else wasnt there. It’s definitely a concert I will never forget.

Of the the songs you have written which one is your favourite?
White Paper Bag. Its the 1st single off my debut album “Crimson blu” which is available on ITunes right now. White paper bag is a metaphoric description  of my relationship with music. It is a song that can mean anything to each listener. Your White paper bag is your ‘safe haven.’ The one thing you cannot live without, that you constantly turn to when everyone fails you, and provides you with a sense of unconditional love , and fulfillment.

How do you deal with groupies?
I dont really have any, unfortunately. Every one who has shown me love and support has been a genuine supporter and a new friend made. No groupies here.

How excited were you when the first groupie hollered at you?
Ummm yea, no groupies.

Where is Zimbabwean music  going?
To a place where freedom of expression and open-minded instrumentation are mandatory. I see the transition in Zim music, and I’ve been saying to myself “It’s about damn time!” How on earth did we expect to elevate an entire industry, when we, its ambassadors, were too preoccupied with playing crabs-in-a-bucket? I had to take a step out of the bucket and struggle alone, in order to realise that we have made the industry tougher for ourselves, by promoting what Oliver Mtukudzi referred to in a conversation as “the Upcoming-Artist complex”. Creating divisions between artists, and dividing listeners. Its time for us to Unite, and move forward as musicians. Look around you, every country with a successful music industry had to eliminate this ‘Crab’ mentality. We either rise together, or die trying and fighting each other, in a bucket.

Where is your career going?
I’m excited to tell you that I have no idea where I will be in a year’s time. Inspite of suffering the loss of my father George this year, God took over and set my path straight. The goals I previously set for myself came to fruition at a rapid pace over the past year. My debut album is doing well on iTunes, with 3 singles on high rotation over 4 different South African radio stations (Metro fm, Yfm, Ukhozi fm, Khaya fm, Lesedi fm to name a few) and I have had the opportunity to work with some big producers in SA. Not allowed to disclose names yet before the music is released. My video for the single ‘Floating – Dj Aj & Tendai” is on Mtv Base Africa and i am working on getting it on all local TV stations as we speak. So coming back to your question, my career is headed to the stars and I am in possession of a one way ticket, thanks be to God.

What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for being that Zimbabwean who refused to conform to the ways of humanity, and was transformed by her mind. The practical example of dreams coming true. A poet with a message that touched everyone’s soul, who served her purpose according to the will of God. I will be remembered as a voice that stood out among those who were forgotten, and made sure that the world never made the same mistake again.